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This is the longest running grocery card giveaway programs on the internet. The reason why this giveaway is so successful is because it was developed by a company dedicated to help the community save money through their gas and gift card programs.

Is it a scam?

No. As one of the few programs out there that truly deliver on its promise, it's not a scam. And unlike some scam programs out there, your cards will be delivered to you as promised.To help you grasp how we do it, below is a breakdown of how each junction in this offer actually gains.

Advertising and Marketing

We are paid by the sponsors for the advertisement we place on various platform such as Television, Radio, Newspaper and Online You know can understand why our sponsors are willing to pay $250 to you to get gas.

What they get

Information on your auto, driving and gas buying habits through surveys. To sum things up the cost is shared among the sponsors. In return they get information to market their products more effectively.

What you get

A free prepaid gas card for participating in this program. The free gas card is shipped to you via FedEx. You can also opt for the VISA option instead of getting free gas, you can buy other items. and other free stuff available within the supermarkets.


1. Select your state above
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3. Enter your name and address
4. Follow the instructions
5. Complete the program
6. Receive your gift card

It's that easy!